“D-ERA: Disrupt / Digital / Diversify / Development”

     About 300 brewing experts from 23 countries attended the 6th Bangkok Brewing Conference under the theme of “D-ERA: Disrupt / Digital / Diversify / Development” in Bangkok, Thailand which was jointly organized by the Thailand Beer Industry Guild (TBIG) and VLB Berlin. A special highlight this year was the technical visit to the newly enlarged brewery of Khmer Beverages in Phnom Penh, ambodia, on the first conference day. Khmer Beverages, a subsidiary of the Cambodian Chip Mong Group, was founded in 2009 as the first 100 % Cambodian owned brewery. Meanwhile, it expanded its capacities to an annual production volume of 5 mio hl beer plus 2 mio hl soft drinks. Its “Cambodia Beer” is now very well-known as the No. 1 beer brand sold in the country.

     Once again, the 6th Bangkok Brewing Conference was used as a platform for exchanging experiences, learning and networking. Focus of the conference were trends, new products and the challenges for production, filling and packaging caused by steadily growing product portfolios, the rapid development of digitalization and changing consumer expectations (“I want it now!”). On the one hand, innovations are driven partly by rediscovering of traditional brewing techniques, on the other hand, however, artificial intelligence and digitalization are also swapping massively into the brewing and beverage business.

     The conference was completed by an impressive evening at the historic Lhong 1919 site, located at the banks of the Chao Praya River in Bangkok, and a Closing Party on the last day at BITEC.

     The Brewing Conference Bangkok 2019 was also supported 21 leading companies in beer industry including Krones as Platinum sponsor together with Ecolab, Pentair, Sidel and Ziemann Holvrieka as Gold Sponsors. Additional support came from Boon Rawd Brewery, Khmer Beverages and other craft brewers. The next Bangkok Brewing Conference is scheduled for June 2021.

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